What should my next bike be??

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I regulary read through this forum, lots of varied people with the same passon. The trouble is, especially on a budget, I bought an GT Aggressor XC3 from Halfords. Now, I love my bike, I have been to Dalby several times and try and get out at least several times in the week, even if only for a few miles on the road and find it great for me personnally but any recommendations on the next bike to get? I have not got unlimited budget but welcome any views. I feel a little embarrassed if I turned up for a group ride with my budget bike!!


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    Firsty everyone has to start somewhere so don't be embaressed of your bike as long as you like it and you like after it thats fine.

    I know you said you haven't got an unlimited budget but have you got some kind of idea what you can spend.

    Are you looking for another hardtail or a full sus? Just a general trail bike?
  • Thanks for the reply
    I can see myself in the future trying to get to Dalby more often and other venues like it. Thinking about enquiring about a skills level course, maybe a level 2 (I think I passed the level 1if what I have read about it is true) Budget wise, £600 with a bit of saving (more if I had my own way, my Wife is in charge of finances! but saying that, she knows this is a hobby and a passion) and I would look into 2nd hand if the condition was right. If you have time to explain, what type would be best suited for me?
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    Your going to be looking at a hardtail at that budget. Who d you work for do they do cyclescheme?

    You'l be looking at a general sort of trail bike. It's been a couple of years since I sold new bikes but for around £600 I like the Marin Northside trail in something a bit more aggressive with a bit more travel. For a 100mm hardtail there are so many optionsI'd take a trip to a few shops and sit on as many as youcan and see what feels comfortable.
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    I just spent £550 on a 2010 bike which had an £800rrp! You may just catch a late bargin at a decent local bike shop.

    I am glad I managed to get a good deal as my budget was similar to yours and having ridden my bike against cheaper Konas / Cannondales I well chuffed!
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    The 2011 Specialized Hardrock gets very good reviews
    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... c-11-42295
    I have got a 2010 hardrock, though I made the mistake of buying a lower spec model so have had to change the forks and crank but this one gets much better components.
    It also has a very good frame which makes it worth upgrading.
  • If your only problem is a little bit of embarrasment, you could just get the frame powder coated/resprayed & rebranded into an avalanche. I belive they've used the same frame for both bikes. ;)
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    No need for embarrassment. If the bike works for you to hell with the rest of the world.
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    I think it's better to be a good rider on a low end bike than the other way around, just enjoy what you have, anybody who looks down in your bike is a w@nker anyway...
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  • Thanks for the advice everbody, I know I should'nt have any embarrassment and nobody has given any reason for me to think like that. Went to Gisburn on Sunday, got drenched, dirty and knackered and loved every minute. Just got the feeling that bike did'nt feel sturdy enough or is it me convincing myself that I need to upgrade?! Stopped off at the Cafe that is near that had a additional bike shop and recieved some good advice from Tim there who also sells 2nd hand with good spec so will probably visit again when funds are more available! For now, more visits to Gisburn and Dalby to improve skills and confidence, is a skills course a good idea or just to get out and gain experience and the skills will follow?