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Sore Knees?!

aidsoaidso Posts: 493
edited February 2011 in Health, fitness & training
Hopefully someone can help. I normally go out twice a week for around 25mile stints on the mountain bike and recently I have developed bruises on the inside of my left knee. Walking around work my knee is sore and today I am wearing a support.

I haven't fallen off the bike in ages, so what could be causing the pain/bruising?



  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    The inside of your knee is a rarity, do you run clipless pedals?
  • aidsoaidso Posts: 493
    I have SPDs and have been using them for quite a while.
    Is there anything you can do to strengthen your knees in the event that I am pushing too hard?
  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    It's unlikely that that's the cause. I'd see a doctor/physio get their opinion. The bruising suggests ligament damage but evidently there's not, simply because you'd know all about it.
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