Shimanon DX SPD Shoes Re-sole???

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Hi does anyone know of a place that will put a new sole onto a pair of Shimano DX SPD shoes?

Many thanks in advance


  • A cobbler?

    Both pairs of mine are fine apart from now letting the cleat pertrude on one side where it's worn - how much walking do you do?!
  • GhallTN6
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    JE James cycles do them, complete with the upper all for under 50 quid :roll:
  • warpcow
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    There's some company that does 'bike-specific' resoles. One of the mags reviewed their work on a pair of 5:10s (and also something like putting a a 5:10 sole on a regular pair of trainers). Can't remember what they were called, but I remember it was pretty spendy, £30+.

    Edit: found it! It was in Singletrack mag. They're called FeetFirst.
  • I wouldn't bother with a resole for those shoes. You'll spend half the cash you spent in the first place on the resole.

    I don't understand people who resole standard shoes in the first place. I have had a few pairs resoled, but those have ever only been quite high end business shoes, that if I wanted to find another pair I probably couldn't. Trainers and bike shoes are easy and cheap to come by!