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Annecy mtb riding

chillibeerchillibeer Posts: 13
edited March 2011 in Routes
I'm off to Annecy in May and am hoping to squeeze in a few rides while I'm there. It'll be my first time biking in the Alps so can anyone recommend how I should go about finding a route or a guided trip while I'm there.



  • HolyzeusHolyzeus Posts: 354
    No idea but i've been there and its a beautiful place, have a good one
    Nicolai CC
  • NrjNrj Posts: 35
    Used to go every year (not for mtbing),
    theres 2 sides to the lake (really) a shallow side and a deep side, on the deap side (cant remember the name sorry) up the top of the biggest hill/mountain peak there do the gliders/parashutes, i would start there personally.

    enjoy your hols anyway.
  • ApeApe Posts: 7
    Im also heading to Annecy on 20th May for a week, would be interested to hear of any routes worth trying out?

    Have been before, but not with the MTB, is a great place :D
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