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carpal tunnel op and recovery time

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i had a operation to relieve a trapped nerve in my right had on Thursday of last week (3rd feb). The pain has kept me off my bike for the last three months and i'm now eagerly looking forward to getting back out ASAP.

i have a turbo so will start gradually on this first before getting out on the road. i'm due to get some stiches removed from my hand next week.

I'm hoping that someone might have some experience of this surgery and could offer some insight into how long they took to recover post op?


  • Hi

    The answer varies from person to person and whether you had endoscopic or open surgery.
    In general for open surgery i would recommend 6 weeks recovery before you are ready to do heavy lifting, weight bearing, etc. Many people will be able to ride earlier and some will be later.

    I would certainly suggest investing in the best padded gloves you can buy as these will make a big difference to your comfort.

  • I had mine sorted about 5 years ago, open surgery local anasthetic.
    Took about 10 days till stiches out and I could hold a mug. happy to drive in 2/3 weeks and back to work after 6.
    It was sore/uncomfortable for quite a while but was back on motorbike at weeks 5/6. I would expect a little longer on cycle, but a turbo should be ok if you go easy, no standing untill wound healed and it will take the additional pressure. Thats the problem, looks and feels ok until you put too much force through that area.
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