I need a HRM any thoguhts or recommends?

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Im fed up with buying stuff then come on here and most people say I wouldnt have bought that hence why my house here is full of bike stuff I dont need!
Ive got a Williier Izoard Lampre 2010 that Ive just bought, and ive got A Garmin 605 on it. It does most things I want except Heart rate monitor. As im unfit and riding mountains I think it would be a good idea to check whats going on in there and hopefully will help me with training. It would be handy to have cadence feature too. Im looking for something basic as thats all i will want as garmin does everything else. Ive seen polar CS200 and 400 but i think 400 maybe a bit OTT for what i want? I want it wireless and on the bike not a watch any thoughts great appreciated as here in mallorca they try to sell you all sorts of stuff which mostly comes with a decathlon badge on it!!!!!!!

many thanks

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  • Rather than adding another gadget, why not sell the garmin and replace it with one (705 or 800) that does everything it does PLUS HRM? You'd have to pick up a cadence sensor kit too. Especially if you want the data for training purposes, it makes sense to have it all in one place.
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    I bought a CS200cad last week and have used it on a couple of rides and think its great.

    I've read mixed reviews but so far its been easy to set up, easy to read and has had no interference problems.

    The heart rate strap is the most comfortable one i've used by far so highly recommended (so far!)

    I too was looking at the 400 that adds an altimeter but I get that free with Runkeeper on the iphone.
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    My advice is steer clear of Polar. I've had a CS200 and its a royal pain getting the HR to work and two cadence sensors have failed on me in 18 months. I now possess a Garmin 705 and its a fantastic training gadget.
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    Sell the 605 and buy an Edge 500/705/800.
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    amaferanga wrote:
    Sell the 605 and buy an Edge 500/705/800.


    I'm going to sell my Garmin Edge 305 to get a Edge 500 this week. I love the Garmin so why bother changing? If you like your Garmin then get another Garmin
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    I have the Edge 500 and it does everything I need. Got the full kit with HRM and cadence unit for £179.99 last summer.

    That said, the EDGE 800 is lurrrrrrrvely :D
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    Bought myself a Garmin 500 with HR and cadence a couple of months back, does absolutely everything I need. (Unless of course your thinking of lots of touring, in which case full mapping on the 700 or 800 would be useful). If your using it for training the virtual partner mode keeps you motivated, and using the Garmin Connect web site to store my ride data it's easy to keep an eye on progress. The new style 'soft' HR belt is also more comfortable than the older wider one.

    Fair play to Amnesia (above), the best deal I could get (for a 'black'/silver/white) 500 with HR and and Cadenced was £200 at Fawkes, (brilliant service), I think I paid a little more than the blue one, just to match my bike (I guess i'm just a tart but sometimes it's worth it)!
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    I'm fortunate enough to have the 800 and it's the most fantastic cycling gadget I've bought, ever! I have no regrets getting it whatsoever as its does exactly what I want it to do for both MTB and road riding - cadence, heart rate, mapping, speed, distance etc etc
  • Can you download routes to the 500? Or do you have to ride the route to map it?