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Where is the best source of information on trail routes?

dysonspheredysonsphere Posts: 21
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I am really new to this so I apologise first off if I have just been unable to find this information and it is here somewhere. I have seen the section on routes and I have been to the ordnance survey site, bridleway site etc.

I'd like a place that has the routes, maps etc for all forestry places, byeways, etc., Am I missing something here because I am struggling to put Oxford into a site and come up with any really good information on riding off road away from traffic and over hill and dale etc.


  • There is no definitive source as such, but a few good tools online that can aid your search.

    Firstly try here; - a website that will allow you to search for routes close to you and then be able to download them / print off a OS style map of them.

    Additionally, buy yourself an OS map and highlight all the bridleways near you. Alternatively, you can do this online using the following; - a website that allows you do plot routes over an OS map online to be downloaded / saved for future use.

    HTH :)
  • Sweet. Thanks a bunch for your help.
  • Nick CodNick Cod Posts: 321
    Hello Mate

    I would check out the following, I normally use Toaster and upload it to my Garmin

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  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    While there are all manner of ways to discover and log off-road cycle routes, I think it's a great shame there's no national bridle path/byway/etc. resource out there for the MTB and horse-riding fraternity to turn to.

    I've an idea there's an open-source mapping project which allows everyone to get involved in putting one together, but a definitive map of all of England's open paths would be fantastic.

    It would be massive, though.
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