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Camapag Ultra Torque Wavy Washer

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Having removed my original equipment Veloce U/T chainset I was quite surprised to find no wavy washer installed in the non-drive side as per all the instructions I have seen. Can these chainsets be installed without? I don't seem to have had any issues but should one be there?

One other thing I found a flat o-ring on the floor that looks just the same diameter as the fixing bolt. Should this be on the bolt (or is it a random o-ring on the garage floor)? If it does, does it go between the bolt head and washer or the thread side if the washer?

Please help as I REALY don't want to have to tell her indoors that I've taken it apart and can't put it back together :?
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  • A wavy washer is a solution to a poor fit between the crank and axle and the BB shell. All it is is a springy space filler to remove play from the system. On some bikes where the tolerances are very small, you can do without them- Whoever built your bike did it with love!
    Provided that when the cranks go back on to the correct torque there is no side to side play then crack on!
    As for the O ring- is it made of rubber or is it black metal? If its rubber there is no way it fits behind the bolt as it would not survive the 40 or so Nm you need to apply to bolt the two halves of the axle together. There should be a fine washer on the bolt to help you achieve this torque without binding.

    Hope this helps.
  • Have you looked in the BB cup? Mine tends to stay stuck in the grease.......
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  • Coach HCoach H Posts: 1,092
    Rubbernekker - Its rubber and maybe 1/2-3/4mm. It could be completely unrelated.

    Flanners - In the grease was the first place I looked when it wasn't on the spindle. It is definately missing.
    Coach H. (Dont ask me for training advice - 'It's not about the bike')
  • that sounds like a plumbing washer- leave it out.
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