Avanti or Boardman

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I'm on the horns of a dilemma, and need some wise advice.
The Boardman Team Carbon, or the Raleigh Avanti Comp?
Both available at £1000, or there about.
This would be my first foray into the world of Carbon .
Help me out. :?
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  • avanti is very good but go for the Boardman much more suitable for racing and i feel it's too casual for riding the Avanti.

    i have rode the avanti and too me it's not really a rave bike
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  • Chips or French fries?
  • Pict
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    I'm a bit lost with the potato side order reference.

    Six of one or half a dozen of other........

    The Boardman was the one, but the Avanti has sneaked into my reckoning, just because I can get a good deal. Are the wheels much better than the Boarman?
    Is 105 and Rival comparable?
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    I much prefer Rival over 105, but maybe because this was the first groupset i'd used on a road bike (an alu Boardman Road Team).

    When I bought a new bike I got the shop to swap the SRAM Rival off my Boardman onto the new Roubaix. The Boardman now has the 105 kit, and I've been using the bike as winter trainer / turbo trainer bike quite a bit.

    The 105 is ok, but when I finally managed to get out on the Roubaix again recently, the SRAM was much, much better IMHO 8)

    +1 for the Boardman also. I was/am really happy with the Boardman, just found it a bit long for me, hence the new bike. VFM is great, and if I'd got the Carbon Team at the time rather than the alu frame I wonder if I'd have changed so quickly... :roll:
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  • well Sram Force is worth about 1K alone i believe...
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    Haven't ridden the Rayleigh but absolutely love my Team Carbon.

    It was my first road bike (bought summer 2010) and am now doing 50 mile Sunday morning rides. Not bad for a 48 year old, methinks.

    Rival is just the nuts. Perfect changes and love the double tap action.
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  • I have not seen many reviews of the Avanti good or bad, There are lots of very good reviews of the Boardman Team Carbon. And £1000 quids a fair bit of wonga to spend, I would play it safe and go for the Boardman :wink:
  • Great support for the Boardman there....and good luck with your decision!

    Any Boardman owners / fans I have a 'Boardman Bikes' FB page, just launched it yesterday.

    Chris Boardman himself has helped promote it by re-tweeting the link to his followers!

    Feel free to jump on and post, rant, abuse... - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boardman-Bikes/199877860022623
    Knebworth MTB Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/knebworthmtb