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Trek 1000: Silver/Black

pazza98pazza98 Posts: 2
edited February 2011 in Road stolen
Details as posted on Bike Revolution. I hope this isn't considered spam, I hope I get my bike back.

Trek 1000


Stolen bike details
Make: Trek
Model: 1000
Frame size: 23 inch = 58 cm
Manufacture year: 2003-2005?
Color: Black / Silver
Value: 400 UKP
Status: stolen

Description: Trek 1000 Road bike 2 chain rings. broken bell, front and back light mountings (Cateye) No reflectors on the wheels. Mounting point for cable lock on downtube. Two (specialised?) bottle cages in white metal.

Theft details

Taken from: Underground car park

Last seen: 2011-02-06 00:00:00

Theft description: Last seen when I parked my car in front of it 2pm 5/2/2011. Discovered stolen approx 9:40am 6/2/2011. The cable of the locked was cut through, there was a large piece of wood, which may have been used to try to break open the lock. I guess freezing may have been used. Reported stolen to police by phone at approx. 12:40.
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