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Hello all!

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I went ahead and signed on here... its the first & only forum ive been to, so i apologize in advance if i inadvertently fail to adhere to all the "etiquette". Oh, and im typing all this from my iphone, so theres bound to be some errors.

I'm here to get some feedback from any/all who may offer it. My story: I'm 34, 6'-3", 250lbs. I've been a competitive athlete my entire life. I've raced mtb's, motocross bikes, track & field, bodybuilding, gymnastics, I was a wrestler, and a few other things. I've always had a natural talent for athletics, but I don't know the first thing about road bikes... except that I usually see much smaller men atop them.

I haven't been in the saddle since someone stole my Kona Stinky a few years ago, but I've kept reasonably fit through running and combat sports training. Recently however, I was struck by the idea of road racing, "crits" in particular. A friend of mine allowed me to borrow his cannondale R3000, with Ksyrium wheels, so that I could get a feel for it--and because he's a tall/heavy SOB too. I've been on 2 rides now (this week). These are the first two rides in over 2 years. The first was a leisurely paced 60 mile loop, just to get use to the bike... and it was a sunny day. :) I didn't try pushing it at all on that ride, but today's ride, I pushed myself. Today's ride was 36 miles @ 18mph/avg. I had three climbs in it that ranged from .5miles-3.5 miles, and a stretch of hwy (strong headwinds) that was approximately 5 miles.

I haven't got a clue what most "good" riders would do on a ride like that. But I'd love some feedback as to where a guy should be aiming his times towards. Also a good recommendation on bike brands/bike size, for bigger dudes would be great. Hell... I can use all the pointers y'all can give me! where to buy size 15 clip shoes, wheels to buy, overall bike tips, etc...



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    Hi - you find loads of good advice here - and even more opinions!!! but generally speaking if you can sort the good advice from the pi55-takers you'll be fine, and have a laugh reading and typing.

    your initial questions are very broad - so you may not get fantastically helpful answers unless you narrow the question topic, but youre pretty heavy for a roadie (noting your height) - I make it about 115kg - so as you get into it you'll lose some of that and it will get faster, and easier - maybe a god cheaper bike would be an idea, then upgrade (or do what many seem to do upgrade and collect :wink: ) progressively

    good luck, and welcome aboard.
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  • Hi!

    I was in your position just a few weeks ago. I'm 6'3" and 230lbs - been doing contact/combat sports, MTB and gym work for years.

    Just last week I bought a 2010 Giant Defy 3.5 in XL for a smidge over £400. Took it out for a test ride yesterday just to get used to the skinny tires, brake position and gear changes but really didn't want to stop!
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  • Same here :)

    Think I joined a couple of weeks ago now. Bought a pinnacle sentinal 1.0 and recieved it one week ago. Only managed a quick 6 miles on it so far (yes I know pathetic). I'm 6ft exactly and weigh just over 17st now.

    I used to do kickboxing for a couple of years, only semi-contact and light continuous but stopped due to a dislocated shoulder and a nearly torn in two hamstring. Safe to say i've put on too much weight (14 and a half st in 2008 to 17st now). I did alot of weight training but did some cycling about 15 months ago. Trained for a 300 mile ride over 4 days but tore my hamstring again getting off the bike from the first day.

    Getting back in to fitness now, trying to drop some weight and get fit again...all at the ripe age of 23 :) haha.
  • Thanks for the replies! I spent a few hours today, perusing the local shops and asking questions. It looks like I'll be buying either the new cannondale caad 10, something or other. All I know is that it fit me well, looks badazz (all black), and won't be an all-out rapist of my bank account. I have much to buy yet, though! Still gotta get some pedals, shoes, and appropriately padded britches. I'm heading out for yet another ride, wearing my running shoes (in cage pedals) and running pants... this just KILLS the nads!!

    I can tell that this is gonna be an addiction! I love the looks I get from smaller riders. LOL I was told today that I look like I should be riding, and carrying a log over my shoulder at the same time. The average cyclist (along the paths here) give me lots of "oh censored " looks & double takes. Picture a 70% version of what Schwarzennegger looked like in Terminator 1... I'm not gonna be able to get much smaller, as I don't have much to lose, aside from muscle mass. So i guess perhaps the key is just to make my legs & lungs stronger. I have decided to start racing crits here in the spring. I'm reeeeeeeally stoked to give competition a whirl.

    Does anyone have recommendations as to where to shop for affordable, yet large clip shoes?? The best I got today was that I could have Sidis (spelling?) ordered in my size--but that they're a whopping $250+. I was also referred to a few pair of Specialized shoes. But they too were closer to 3 hundo. Is there any wholesale/used sites online that may offer lower prices? I don't particularly care who makes the shoe, as long as it fits my foot and pedal.

    Also... what brands of pants/shorts do y'all run? The pair I'm currently wearing have a tendency to ride down and bunch up near my knee. I'd like a pair that stays put, and maybe has a pocket or some place to stick an ipod--hopefully with some butt pads. I heard of a brand called pearl izumi? Any tried & tru pants out there that you'd recommend to a beginner?
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