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Chamois Cream - The Basics

BaldgerryBaldgerry Posts: 12
edited February 2011 in Road beginners
A bit of a newbie question that a search isn't really answering; I've read a lot about chamois cream but it's always talked about in vague context, alluding to 'down there'.

In basic terms could someone say exactly where you apply it and why and what are the infections that are mentioned and what gets infected?

Many thanks


  • taz3611taz3611 Posts: 172
    I use it on the chamois and some on my crotch too. Keeping the area 'deforested' to some degree helps too. The follicles get infected by a combination of pressure, heat, moisture and a bacteria, usually Staphylococcus Aureus. Use clean shorts every ride/turbo session, get them off soon as practicable, wash your bits and dry gently. Any 'hot spots', treat with Tea Tree Oil or similar. Simples.
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Or... Smear a load round your parts making sure you rub it in properly. Do round the back as well for complete coverage. As above, it's mainly about providing some protection to the area where all the heat & pressure is concentrated.

    It doesn't have to be specialist cream; i've used sudocreme (baby nappy cream) in the past. Tbh tho it's debatable whether or not it's necessary anyway. I don't bother with it now even for longer (100+) rides. Each to their own, as ever.
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