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Finding the fitness... after the second baby in 14 months!

KylieMKylieM Posts: 9
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It's nine weeks now since my wee boy was born via c-section and before that his sister almost 14 months to the day earlier. Before having the kids I was a keen mountain biker and was getting quite fit. Two years later I seemed to have lost almost all fitness and some confidence. I've been out at Kirroughtree (7 Stanes in Scotland) three times now and I'm keen to get back to where I was on the fitness level.

Any tips on how, with two wee children in tow?

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  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    Hello :D

    I'm not sure i'm the best person to advise here as I don't have children (so have not been in your situation!), but I just wanted to say Hello and Congratulations :D

    A couple of things spring to mind, firstly I would check with your GP to make sure you're ok to ride after your c-section. Your core muscles will take a hammering going back on the bike and you want to make sure you're not going to hurt yourself! Also, it might be worth booking a half day skills course to ease yourself back in and get your confidece back? Just a thought!

    Good luck :D
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  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    Even as a father, I think it's tough finding time to ride when you have small children.

    Think you have to look at your lifestyle and try and dovetail in what you can. You will also have to accept that you'll have other priorities for the next few years.
    It's not all doom and gloom... the 'young phase' passes pretty quickly.

    In terms of keeping up your fitness... it depends obviously where you live etc, but I have personally found it useful to use a gym/take up running/take up road biking etc as a way to supplement keeping fit for MTBing.

    It's not ideal obviously as I would much prefer going MTBing.... but it's much easier to get an hour or a couple of hours free than it is for a 5 or so hours free to go MTBing.

    I've always liked the look of the trailers and friends have used the child seats successfully... but proper MTBing is out of the question... and it really does depend if your kids are happy being sat in one (our kids would last about 30mins before making it very known they were bored!)

    Good luck... and congratulations!
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Simon, I think I'll take your advice about getting a quick run in. Ill put the kids in the pram, and push them around to make me work harder. I agree, its tough to take time out. But I think its good for you and the kids to have fun and exercise.

    Fingers crossed that on my next mtb outing (this weekend) that I'll feel a slight improvement and I'm able to pedal up a few more hills without bursting a lung.

    Thanks again,
    Viewfield Cottage - - B&B short breaks and self catering cottage for up to eight people near Kirroughtree - 7 Stanes, Scotland.
  • congratulations on your new babies :D
    having very young children can and will take up alot of your time
    however i believe women actually can be physically stronger after child birth, i know some top sports women who has got stronger and faster after giving birth so if you have the time there is no reason why you cant regain your fittness or even be better than before
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