garmin edge 800

steve36 Posts: 93
edited February 2011 in Road buying advice
hoping to get edge 800 but unsure of what maps to get.most of my riding is on the road bike but sometimes use mtb off road.
has anyone any used the 1.50 os mapping for road riding,if so any problems?
also do i have to buy garmin maps or are there alternatives.
thanks for any advice,


  • I have both the OS and City Navigator for my 800. The City Navigator are much less cluttered for ease of viewing for road-only riding. I got the OS bundle because I already had CN maps. However, if you think you might want both, get the bundle with the OS maps , and buy CN separately. It is much cheaper to do it that way. Or download OSM road maps for free.
  • rickwiggans, thanks for advice,looks like os bundle it is then.