Gore jerseys relative warmth

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I am trying to decide between two Gore Bike Wear jerseys: the Oxygen Thermo and the Contest Thermo.

Does anyone know which is the warmer of the two and what sort of temperature range each is suited to?



  • Alll Gore thermo jerseys are rated in the T4 range which is down to about 4 degrees. You wouldn't wear them alone at that range mind. Deffo need a warm baselayer and a gilet at least.
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    Just bought the oxygen thermo as a bit of insurance for my trip to Majorca in early March. It's warm but not roubaix with fleece lined shell type warm, Just like a slightly thicker jersey material, as bendertherobot says, the gore oxygen thermo (can't talk about the contest as I have no experience of it) is definitely a 'layerer' as it were for some British temperatures, it would suffice on it's own for early spring/ early autumn, and with gillet, and/ or base layer at other colder times.

    I have certain criteria when buying shirts, jerseys, jackets, namely does the style/ and one of the available sizes fit me well (i have long arms and body, so always hopefully get to try them on if I can), temperature range/ breathability of garment (as you are asking here) versatility verses cost of garment (not so tight as to be easy to layer up with other garments if required to or just for very coldest/ or hottest days on it's own?), visibilty/ colour (I try to avoid the all over black 'Ninja stealth look' or the 'fade to grey', as I don't want to make a stylish corpse when knocked off- "sorry mate I didn't see you") and finally I insist on a zipable pocket on rear for phone and cash. I also look on the web for user reviews, but take these with a pinch of salt always, often reading 'it's a boil in the bag' followed by 'it keeps me dry, no moisture from sweat, and breathes well" go figure are they talking about the same garment?

    Look at the two garments and compare on these and any further criteria that are important to you too, I usually find there is a clear winner when looking. I hope this helps... By the way, many outlets are clearing these now, for spring/ summer ranges, so they are cheaper, but don't hang around too long as many sizes are selling out.
  • I recently bought the Gore Tool jacket and it is very very warm. Last went out in approx zero degrees with nothing underneath and did not feel the cold at all. I think I will have to use the underarm vents when it warms up.
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