Selle Italia SLC gelflow?

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I know we all have different botties etc but has anybody tried one of these unusual saddles? I use a Spec Romin SL but can't bare to put Specialized on an all Italian bike that Im building, so looking for alternative. Must be black and have a cut out. I have tried a Flite Gel Flow in the past and it didn't suit.


  • Nuggs
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    If you get on with the Romin, I reckon you should deal with your aesthetic hang-ups and stick with it.

    As someone on here's strapline goes: finding the right saddle is the holy grail.
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    A bike I got recently came with a selle italia slr flow. Rotten cold has stopped play so I've only been out once about 35 miles and I found it to be fine. My previous saddle was a spesh toupe and my current one is a fizik alliante which is okay but I'm not yet convinced by it.
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    ps should have said, I thought the toupe was great - just fancied a change when it broke!