chain snagging/locking

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Hi there,
I'm having a few problems with my Giant Reign in that when I'm pushing hard up a hill, and on the smallest ring and largest cog, the chain seems to stick/catch on the front ring and wedge itself on the chain stay, locking the back wheel. I've replaced the chain and cassette but it still seems to be doing it (just when I don't want it!).

Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Just to confirm, does the chain fall off the front ring, or, does it skip off the rear cassette?

    If it's one of either then it's the relevant mech screw adjustment by the sounds of it.
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  • stu8975
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    Chainsuck - chainring replacement most likely.
  • i'd certainly look at replacing the granny ring or could possibly be too long a chain/ too little chain tension, assuming you fitted with the big font, big rear not through rear mech +a link then check the ring!
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  • Thanks guys - Yes did the usual measuring method to get the chain length, so looks like I might need a new granny ring.

    Off to lbs tomorrow then.