Problems with Deore hydraulics, can anyone help?

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HI folks, I'm having some trouble with my Deore brakes and just looking for a bit of help. I have searched all over the net and watched every tutorial there is, but I'm not sure if there is a problem with my brakes/pads.

I have just installed new braided hoses with new levers to old Deore Calipers (M555) and I obviously had to put fluid in the system. I fully bled the system with new fluid, getting most of the air out, and done everything up again. The brakes bite fine and feel solid at standstill, but when I pull in the front brake and push as hard as I can on the bars, I can still move forward, albeit very slowly. I re-done the bleed process, and a couple more tiny bubbles were seen going along the hose, but after that, no more bubbles for a good 2-3 mins or so before I closed the nipple and the reservoir. Now, I still have the same problem where I have to really pull in the lever as hard as I can, but when pushing forward with a load of force, I can creep forward.

I take it this isn't normal? And if not, what can you suggest to rectify the problem. As I said earlier, I have searched all over the place and followed everything to the T, but I am still not getting the brakes to fully lock :/

Thanks in advance.


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    So your still using the same discs and pads? Not bedding anything new in?

    You havent spilt any fluid on the rotors or pads have you?
  • Yes, I am still using the old pads and discs. The bike hasn't been used in a couple of years being honest, and I'm just getting round to rebuilding it all again. The pads and discs were taken off when I was bleeding the system so shouldn't be contaminated, but would the fact they have been sitting for so long maybe have done something to the compound?
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    I'd try a new set of pads from superstar components and give them a proper bed in! Usually if a bleed is wrong you can feel it's wrong, if the pads aren't gripping the disc it's a different matter.
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    have you tried adjusting the lever reach with a tiny allen key? on my lx's if they ar'nt biting well after i've changed pads that sorts em out. but sounds like contaminated pads.