Which wheels?

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My budget is £125, for shimano 9 speed


The planet x model B £125

Shimano 105 hubs on mach 1 omega rims £80

Shimano rs20 £120

or am i missing any other wheels i should be considering?



  • mavic aksium

    paid £165 for mine, but have seen them online for £120. great wheel, have really transformed my allez.

    2010 specialized allez
    2011 specialized tarmac sl3 expert(cant wait for the good weather)
  • JRooke
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    cant really go wrong with aksiums, bomb proof forever lasting
  • cheers, forgot about mavic!
    will take a look see what ican find
  • Frag75
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    I recently had this dilemma too. I had heard a lot about the Aksium but just couldn't find them any where close to my budget so I looked into the Model B and RS20. I found a few people complaining about the quality of the splines on the Model B which put me off slightly. In the end I went for the RS20s in Merlin's Christmas sale at £105. Only been out a couple of times, but I'm pleased with them so far.

    I don't think that any of the options mentioned are bad wheels so for me it came down to what was cheapest and most readily available. Plus the RS20s look great which is always a bonus!
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  • forget shimano,s , just buy mavic, you will not regret, i use mavic equipes up hill down dale 20 + hours a week all year round, only problem i have is after 3 years each set is worn out ..
  • hi, cheers for the reply. I went for the model b. I heard the problem witht the spline was for 10 speed shimano, i have 9 so not too worried about that. I think it was the lightness that persuaded me to go for them, im not sure anything can touch them at the 100 pound mark for that!