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Newbie seeking knowledge - Fuji Nevada 1.0 (11)

MKJukMKJuk Posts: 2
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Hi all,

Looking for a Bike (thinking Mountain 'just incase' because i don't really know what i'm going to want to do with it once I get into it.)

Underlying reason is to get fit instead of a Gym membership (and as a plus it may even get me somewhere if I don't want to drive! Never seen a treadmill do that!)

I was thinking entry level, around £250 to be honest, just because I don't 'need' much more. I did some research and realised that for that money i'd have to stay away from full susp because they would just be built badly and wouldn't last (correct?)

Anyway, after seeing a GT Outpost 2010 w/disc breaks for £250 I went into Evans to have a proper look and ask the guys in Evans some questions about frame size.

Here is my question really; The guy in Evans basically said I was looking completely at the wrong thing and that the GT at that price is a low end low brand and that for a guy my size (and to be fair I am a big guy, hence the fitness idea!) it wouldn't last very long (especially if I took it offroad) and i'd be better investing in something better built and importantly he said, with thicker front suspension forks.

The Bike he showed me mainly was the fuji nevada 1.0 (11) at £499 w/hydraulic disc breaks and front susp w/lockoff.

Now don't get me wrong, I like the Bike, looks good! But at the same time it's double the price! Now to me, he raised some valid points... But I just wanted to check this info against the informed masses.

If i'm spending that much more I want to know it's right.. and that its needed! (it's far to tempting to get a nicer Bike anyway so trying my best to stay clear-headed and informed!)

Any advice is much appreciated!



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Look at the Boardman or Carrera range at Halfords.
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  • First of all, it's a great idea that you're looking to get out in the open and enjoy getting fit... I've done the same, I've not lost a lot of weight but I've built up my fitness and just really enjoy riding the bike and relaxing after a busy week.. I know that with more trips out (and less beer) the weight would start to drop off me.

    I think essentially what the Evan's guy said is right. The worst thing you could do is buy a poor £250 bike and never use it again, purely because the bike isn't working with you like a slightly more expensive bike might.

    Purely taking the Fuji and GTs in to account... You have hydraulic discs on the Fuji, a better fork, a more capable drivetrain. It really is worth the extra over the GT.

    However Cooldad raises a good point... This weekend the Carrera Kraken which has a similar spec to the Fuji is £380. Decathlon have some cracking bikes at around the £350 price mark.
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