Help! SPD Pedals are confusing me.

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I've just bought some Shimano SPD shoes. They are MTB type (AM30), because I want to be able to walk in them, but I want to use them on my road bike. The safety information supplied says that they are not to be used with SPD/SPD-R/SPD-L pedals for road riding. Having tried to look at what Shimano pedals are available, I am totally confused.

Is there a friendly "genius" out there who can put me out of my misery? It would be really good if someone could tell me which pedals to get.

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I think my problem is solved.



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    My guess is that they are designed for use off road rather than on road. Safety wise, are road specific cleats easier to release than mtb ones? I've only ever used mtb ones.
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  • You just need SPD compatible road pedals for your SPD shoes. Forget about SPD R and SPD L, theryre different pedals and different cleats designed soley for road bikes. Shimano A520's are SPD compatible and I think are reasonably cheap, 20 - 30 quid
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    Well that sounds like nonsense. I can't imagine why Shimano should try to tell you their shoes are safe for one type of riding but not another. They might not be as suitable - I should think MTB shoes are more flexible and have grippy tread.

    If they've got the two bolt mounting pattern (& surely they have), I have several pairs of these Shimano M520s, often recommended in these parts and at less than £20 a bargain. Others will recommend Speedplay or Egg beaters - it's whatever suits you really.
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    Are these the shoes you have

    if yes then the link that mr_si has done for M520s will do for ya mate,ive got em on MTB and now on new road bike great pedals for price :wink:
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    Got the 520s on my MTB and my outgoing road bike.