Stans no tubes valve problem

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Hi,Im using Stans Crest rims and a Stans Olympic valve,which is the valve recommended for the Crest rim.However,no matter how tight I turn the metal ring on the valve there is still air escaping out around the valve.I even fitted a new olympic valve in case the 1st one was a dud,but still the same problem.And the Stans sealant while coming out between the rim and the valve doesnt seal it up.I suspect the sealant only works on holes in tires,and not alloy!!Anyway,anyone else had this problem??Was thinking of using some silicon around the base of the valve,good idea or not??


  • CraigXXL
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    Have you applied an air tight rim tape, Stans, Insulating, duck or similar and then just made a small hole in this to pass the valve through so you have a nice tight seal against the rubber bung at the end? Otherwise you shouldn't have a problem using the olympic valve with Stan rims.
  • Yes Craig,I've insulating tape.Both wheels are done using it,back is perfectly air tight,but the front is the one acting up!!
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    If you don't have creases in the tape going into the hole try a touch of vasiline on the rubber bung to help it in.
  • ok,just back in from the shed.Removed the tape at the valve hole in the rim.Put a drop of oil on the rubber base off the valve and tightened the hell out of the retaining ring with a pilers.And the bloody valve is still leaking air!!!Tomorrow its war with the bloody thing.Will try some silicon around the hole and tighten the valve down into it.
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    Have you owned the rims from new? Any chance they've been drilled out to take the fat rim strip? Also do you have a rim strip fitted or just yellow tape?
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  • Have owned them from new.Not using a rim strip as they are tubeless rims,but am using tape.And the back wheel is airtight,but for some reason the front is leaking around the valve.