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Hi all,

hope you don't mind popping in! My friend is looking for a new mountain bike, and she's taken a fancy to the Cube Access WLS Pro, after looking at a few.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Access, as reviews seem rare.

Thanks in advance,



  • Only just seen this thread! I have a Cube WLS SL HT and it is awesome one of my favourite bikes that I have owned in the last 17 years. Definately worth a purchase.
  • SarahT87
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    I have this bike and love it!

    It's quick on the road and awesome off road!! The most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, although I did have to change the seat!

    I have just come back from a trip to Afan Valley in Wales and did the W2 trail, The bike did really well, the only negative would be the lack of traction from the tyres on some of the wetter, muddy parts. However there is plenty of clearance for some fatter tyres which will be my next purchase ready for Skyline!
  • mtb crazy
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    ive just got my first cube and love it. comfortable to ride, good traction and hydraulic brakes give more confidence especially as im aa newbie :)