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split on my drop outs

World\'s DumpWorld\'s Dump Posts: 107
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I've got a split in my frame on the rear drop outs. Is this something I can fix?

Or does it mean a new frame?

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  • thanks!
  • Yeah, if you find a good frame builder you could get your dropouts replaced with rear-entry dropouts. A nice upgrade for your single-speed.
  • Thanks. Have you a rough idea how much that might cost?
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Provided your frame is salvagable you might want to get the rear triangle reset to match the width of your hubs or add some spacers to the axle. It looks to me as though you've tightened up the axle nuts to compress the dropouts to fit a narrow hub which most likely caused the break.
  • Thanks. Have you a rough idea how much that might cost?[/quote

    I've never had it done, but with pre-made dropouts the actual work of cutting the old ones off and welding on the new ones wouldn't be too bad.
    I suppose it would still cost more than buying another used frame, but if your current frame has sentimental value it would be worth doing.

    You could take it to a machine shop and get the crack welded. It may well last a long time, but if you do have a spacing issue, as "CrankyCrank" sugests, it will probably open up the weld sooner or later.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    As the frame is brazed construction, a framebuilder would be able to 'sweat' the old drop-outs off and install new ones. Trying to weld the crack would be tricky due to the proximity of the brazed joints. Argos Cycles have frame repair prices on their website - you'll obviously need to think about repainting the drop-outs at least.
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  • Thanks

    It's only an old raleigh. I used to do my paper round on it when I was a spotty nipper - that's about as sentimental as it gets!

    Thanks all the same for your time and advice. I think I'll look for a new frame as now pretty much every other component is new!

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