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Here is the background:

I bought a Spesh Allez Elite 6 months ago which I have been using for long weekend rides and sportives. However I have now turned it into a commuter so therefore am looking for a nice bike for sportives and weekend rides. I have half an eye on starting racing next year.

My budget is about 1500 - 2000 but the key sticking point I am having is about groupset.

Will I really need/want Ultegra over 105?

Within that price range I could have:

- Cayo with Ultegra at 1500

- Cube Agree with 105 at 1450 or with Ultegra at 1800

- Build one up from Ribble for the same sort of cash

- Cannondale SuperSix for 2000 with 105.

I am starting to wise up to importance of wheels too.

Therefore there is a good range of stuff I can have in that price bracket, I just wondered what the tipping point is for most people (although I know can be personal).

Would be grateful to hear views!


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    What kind of racing ? I'd not spend a huge amount on a bike for 4th cat bunch racing. 2 grand would prob be OTT for what you need it for.

    Ultegra will last longer and be a bit smoother than your 105 - but theres no real advantage in it for what you need. Its a lot cheaper to replace a 105 bit than ultegra anyway.

    What you really need to do is ride the bikes and see what you prefer. Its pointless me telling you what I like - everyones different, and there arent really any 'dogs' at that price level.
  • Yes probably just 4th category stuff to be honest
  • gingernash wrote:

    My budget is about 1500 - 2000 but the key sticking point I am having is about groupset.

    Will I really need/want Ultegra over 105?
    What you really need is SRAM :wink:
    Seriously though, I'd get down to some shops and try some stuff out.
    To be perfectly honest the Allez Elite would be fine for racing.
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  • The Allez could well be but it is now doing the commute so would prefer to have a special/nice bike for sportives/events etc.
  • Cycling weekly did a feature on off the peg race bikes and a De Rosa came up tops.

    Personally, I would stick with the Allez for the 4th cat races, and splash out on a nice set of wheels. Aluminium is ideal for racing as it is super stiff. You will probably crash at some point, and the Allez will survive better than a carbon frame. The wheels will actually make you faster, and you can put them on the new bike when you get it - as a reward for getting your 3rd cat license :D
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