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Switching Brake Levers over.

RHayzorRHayzor Posts: 24
edited February 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey (I'm new and technically inexperienced)

I have Hayes Stroker Rydes and they are working fine besiedes the ever common squeal from the front and vibration from the rear. They are however upside down ie with the writing on the levers facing the ground).

I assume If I wish to switch them over I'll need to remove the hoses, switch the levers over, refitting them the correct way up, and bleed them again?

Is it possible to do this without having to bleed them?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    pics of the "problem"

    but yes if you disconnect the hose you rarely get away without needing to bled the brakes.
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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,092
    Yep, if it really bothers you that much.
  • Ye, thanks guys thats kinda what I thought anyway.

    It doesn't bother me that much tbh so I may just leave it otherwise I'll speak to my lbs at my next service as the brakes came fitted that way.

    I've never bled them before and although its something I'll learn in due course I dunno if I want to start fiddling with them especailly as they are working fine.

    Is it easy enough do to (just for future reference) I take I'll need a bleeding kit?
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