Increasing my threshold

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Last season when racing my anareobic threshold was around 180-181 now it's merely 166 I think. I feel a coplete lack of zone 3b also. So what type of training and how often should I undertake it in order to increase my threshold?


  • Hi Ollie, I doubt very much that your threshold has dropped that much, even if you haven't been riding much. Have you tested it? If you tested it last year, do the same test again.

    After developing a good endurance base I would recommend doing intervals above your threshold, 3-5 minutes with similar recovery. Yes, that's above race pace and hurts a lot, you need to mentally fresh for these sessions. If your threshold is 180 aim for about 185. Would only do these once a week and on the other high intensity days do intervals a bit longer but just below your threshold. You will need good endurance fitness to cope with these session. Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the reply.

    No I often find this problem every year and it took way to long last year to get it right. So I'm working on the weakness this year nice and early (threshold and recovery) I also find that my threshold is around 180 when running; perhaps it's a lack of muscular endurance. Either way intervals especially longer ones should sort that out. Hopefully?

    And my threshold should be 181 through testing last year. When I rode yesterday 181 was a real struggle. 165ish felt like my threshold i.e. very slow build up of lactic able to grunt not talk but still functioning properly on the whole.

    I was thinking 5 reps of 3 min intervals increasing to 4 min then to 5 in the coming months with increasing recovery.