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Reba Motion Control Issue

sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
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My hubbies Reba SL forks have developed an oil leak from the top of the right leg where the motion control adjuster is (pop lock).
It's done this once beofre and I got if fixed under warrenty, I think they either did something with the seals or put on a whole new motion control unit.
Myself and my hubby are both useless with a spanner, so wondering if anyone knew how to fix it, and why it's leaking again before Ia ring up TFT to send the forks in for fixing.
I was told the motion control unit is quite expensive so I'm hopeing it's just oil seals that need replacing.
Anyone got any insights into the problem ?
Caz xx


  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    edited February 2011

    slide to about 50 seconds in and follow the process for removing the damper (you don't need to remove the legs etc). check the seals (the rubber o ring visible at 1:23 seconds) do not need replacing or haven't moved. Lube them up with a bit of suspension oil (or synthetic motor oil) just a dipped finger will do rubbed on the ring.

    Replace damper (I mean refit, not buy a new one) and make sure the top bolt is tight (but don't go mad) This should be a very simple fix. And it may just be that the top 24mm nut is loose or the rubber seal is worn.

    You can get the seal kits on ebay for about 8 quid, but if you want to go at a full service, TFTuned do the service kits for the moco for about 20 quid.

    If you have lost a lot of damper oil then you will need to drain it a refill with 110ml of 5w Suspension oil (which you can buy for about 4 quid from a motorbike shop).

    PS you will need a spanner ;)

    Personally I would try this first and then progress on to the oil change seal refresh its amazing how quickly the oil breaks down from use.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    From the top of the leg? Often do it when stored upside down, is a washer/seal in the unit that is not that good. Usually of no concern though.

    Loco Tuning guy has a replacement that cures it.
  • If you got the service from Rockshox - I persume Fisher Outdoor leisure, their work will be covered for up to a year? So worth giving them a call to see whether its under warranty?
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  • The leak is due to a seal inside the MoCo unit, not included in the damper seal kit, it is easily sorted :wink:
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  • diydiy Posts: 6,680
    You sure, I just did a moco service using the tftuned moco service kit and there were no missing seals that I didn't have?

    I used the TFTuned Reba/Rev/Pike/Recon Motion Control Service Kit - although I notice that your kit is a couple of quid cheaper. (doh!)

    Or do you mean the wiper seal kit?
  • No the seal is definatly not in the kit, it's inside the Moco itself you need to dismantle it to get to it. here's a link showing how to do it: ... n-control/
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