Danny M
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I've got a shimano ultegra cs6600 27 12 cassette I wish to change for a 28 11 .
Do I need to use a cs6600 or can I use a 6700 cassette or maybe a SRAM ?


  • tonye_n
    tonye_n Posts: 832
    cs6600 does not come in 11-28 ratio. You would have to go cs5700, cs6700 or SRAM
  • Wappygixer
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    6700 or SRAM will work fine
  • PeterBL
    PeterBL Posts: 209
    5700 also has an 11-28, probably the cheapest option. Also beware that 11-28 from Shimano and Sram doesn't have the exact same cogs, so have a look before you decide.