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Viewranger for i-Phone

Dorset_BinsDorset_Bins Posts: 36
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Hi there

Just wondering if anyone has used this? I've seen the review elsewhere on Bikeradar, but it wasn't that informative.

Provisionally, I'm thinking that I'd use this as a back up to papermaps - particularly when exploring further afield.

So, has anyone used it? Is the GPS accurate enough? Is the transfer of routes from PC to iPhone straightforward?

Cove HJ


  • predopredo Posts: 19
    Hi, I use viewranger on my htc android phone and on a nokia navigator before that. It is an excellent app, the gps pick up is spot on. I use the landranger os maps on it which you have to pay for, but they are a pretty good price, I did start off using explorer maps for local areas but they are a bit more expensive to download, I just stick to landranger scale now and they are plenty good enough. If I go off to do a route I have not done before I would not be without it, you can mark the routes out before leaving then just follow them on screen. Good bit of software 9 out of 10 from me. Need anymore info let me know.
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  • Stu 74Stu 74 Posts: 463
    Got Viewranger for my Motorola Android. It's fantastic :D

    The GPS is spot on and there are loads of functions. The app is solid and has obviously been well thought out.

    The maps aren't that expensive in my opinion - £20 will get you 800 sq km at 1:25,000 OS level which I think works out cheaper than the OS Outdoor maps. The thing is you can download your own custom maps by selecting 26 sq km 'tiles' using the download software which you install on your PC.

    You can import GPX files and you can set it up to record tracks.

    The maps are stored on the phone so you can use them without a phone signal (which is obviously pretty essential :) )

  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    Does it do anything that Motion X with the free Trail Maps selected doesn't do?
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  • You can use free open source maps if you don't want to pay for the OS maps with Viewranger. I think it's a great little program, although it can drain the battery a bit quickly. I have a 'powermonkey' which is a external battery that you plug in to extend your battery life - it would be the same with any phone based gps though...
  • predopredo Posts: 19
    Cant really answer that as i dont know what motion x does do, never used it.
    Giant Anthem X3 2010
    Trek 4500 2007
  • matt748matt748 Posts: 194
    Best app I own on iPhone.
    OS maps are really good, transfer from phone to PC fine. Haven't tried PC to phone yet.
    Lots of credit included with initial download to buy specific areas you want. GPS very accurate, ability to add POIs with various grid refs is good. Loads of features, some which I haven't got round to 'understanding' yet. Customer service excellent (I downloaded the wrong area by mistake :roll: and they gave me some free credit to get it right.
    Downside: Battery life (not great on my 3GS at the best of times), but a power monkey helps as mentioned.

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