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1x9 and cassette choice

FenredFenred Posts: 428
edited February 2011 in MTB general
I'm sure this has prob been asked before so apols if this is old hat.

I'm running a 1x9 set up (32t chainring) and need a new cassette. The current one is 11-34 and I'm sure I read somewhere that 11-32 gives a wider gearing ratio.

Anyone had any experience of this at all?....Would welcome any comments before I part with my hard earned...Also is Shimano and SRAM cross compatible?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    11-32 is narrower 11-34 gives the wider range
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  • KoilerKoiler Posts: 513
    are you happy with the gearing the way it is? if so, then get the same type (11-34), if you find you dont really use the largest gear, then you could look at maybe an SLX 11-28 which would save a bit of weight and give you closer ratio gears.

    either shimano or SRAM will be fine.
  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    Cheers guys.

    Koiler, I'm not unhappy with the gear ratio's, love the whole 1x9 set up but just every now and then fancy "that" gear that doesnt seem to be there. Guess my other option is to go all out a swap everything out for 1x10. Hmmmm....

    Will let you know what I decide.
  • KoilerKoiler Posts: 513
    well, if what your searching for is an easier gear, then look for an 11-36, or if you feel like you need a 'gear in between gears', then a closer ratio cassette (11-28 maybe) might have what your after as there isn't as much of a gap between the ratios if you see what i mean?

    the only thing with going for a closer ratio cassette is that you would lose your current easiest gear. you wouldn't have your 34t anymore. but if you think you could live without it, then it might be the answer to you 'missing' gear

    going 10 speed might give you the best of both worlds, you could probably have slightly closer ratios and keep a 34t (or 36t?) easy gear. but its going to cost a whole lot more than just a cassette as i think you'd need a new shifter and possibly chain as well.
  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    I get your drift. You've got me thinking about the 11-28 now which is something I hadnt even considered. I'm not too fussed about losing the 34 as I barely ever use it (Essex is almost as flat as Bedford) and yeh, new chain, shifter etc will crank up the expense.
    Decisions, decisions....Cheers for the input.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    There isn't an 11-36 9 speed but, apparently you can get the 12-36 Shimano one and then change the smallest rings to make one yourself. Bloody annoying though, SRAM and Shimano are both pretending 11-36 is a benefit of 10 speed so won't sell us a 9-speed one.

    If you're not using the low gears, do you ever run out of high ones? Might be time to go up on the front.
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  • phzphz Posts: 478
    it's flat round here too and I run 1x9 with 11-34 and 36T up front

    I'd try a bigger / smaller chainring before you go fiddling with the cassette

    slainte :) rob
  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    Good points from Northwind and pHz.

    Riding alone I'm fine with my exisiting set-up, I only notice I'm occasionally spinning out when I'm riding with other people, particularly on road sections. I do have a 36t chain ring sitting around doing nothing but I run a bash and n-gear jump stop which I find a perfect combo, for me at least and didnt want to hafta change bash etc. Food for thought tho guys, ta!
  • phzphz Posts: 478
    to add - used to run 11-32 and a 38T but riding laggan last summer the climbs were killing me after a while so I decided to tweak my ratios a bit

    i reckon that the 11-34 / 36T combo (and me shedding a couple of stone!) will get me up and down most UK trails

    slainte :lol: rob
  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    dug out my 36t chain ring...will bolt it on at the wkend and give it a go. Thanks for input all, will let you know how it goes. :)
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