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Rides near Ayr

Shaggy3821Shaggy3821 Posts: 37
edited February 2011 in Routes
Going to Haven in/near Ayr in September with the in laws and in way of compensation our lass has said I can take the Spesh.

Any Ideas of riding ideally no more than half an hour from Ayr. Have looked at all the 7 stanes but seem too far away to blag her indoors into dropping me off.

Don't want to push me luck too much when she's (unusually) said 'Mable' can go with us.

Any help muchly appreciated.


  • paul_75paul_75 Posts: 61
    hi m8, i dont know about in ayr but drumlanrig is closer to ayr than the 7 stanes, still probably just over 40 miles away
    i know the road where haven is but i cant think of anywhere, mind you i only just found out about the 7 stanes a few months ago so it shows how much i know :oops: :lol:
    i live about 12 miles north of drumlanrig so im quite lucky i have a good choice of places to go
    have a look on here and see if you can find any routes near to where you will be going ... n=any&type[]=9
  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    I can give you details of all the routes in and around Ayrshire. Firstly, check out this site -

    Let me know what you fancy and I'll post some updates. I'm at work at the moment!
  • Cheers Woodywmb. Will have a proper look and possibly get back to you.

  • Davy-gDavy-g Posts: 401
    Kirroughtree 7stanes is 52.2 miles south of the holiday park.... the red route is about 90 mins and the black route can take up to 4 hours...

    use Google maps :wink:
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