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I just wondering whats chicksands like?

I had a running XC race down their a few weeks ago and was shockingly hard , but i saw it was a bike park also and from the shocking running i thought be a great place to ride, whats it like down their?
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  • Good for 4X and DJ. Not good for XC unless you are prepared to explore for yourself, and even then there's not much.
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  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    They used to have a short XC course which is still there but in a bad state as they are more focussed on the 4X / DJ and mini DH tracks.
    Woburn is better if its XC you are after.
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  • I went there the other weekend, and like Boris said, unless you are keen to explore yourself there isn't really too much to do. The purpose built tracks and jumps are pretty good, but you'll need a day pass to get on there, which for adults is £5.
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