New crankset needed - Hollowtech vs. sqr taper vs ?

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I need a new crankset for my new frame, looking at compact 50-34. This is my 'performance' bike that I may do TTs on this year (so I'd be happy with a standard double if it made a price difference).

I'm on rather a tight budget £100 max, CRC has 105 in various designations (5600 5650 5603 what on earth's the difference?), marked 'without cups'.

Does that mean without a bottom bracket? They've also got Hollowtech II bottom bracket cups. This, presumably, is the bottom bracket? How much would I have to spend on tools?

The likes of FSA have got a well priced offering ( here )which takes a square taper bottom bracket. I've got the tools, I'm happy with the technology, the crankset is lighter than more expensive offerings, why shouldn't I? I do find square taper bottom brackets heavy though, perhaps there are lighter ones for the thick walletted.

SRAM are competitive too, what are the GXP bearings like?

I'm finding it hard to justify shelling out money on brand names (Shimano) and range (Rival vs Force vs Red etc); I mostly ride a 30 yo Raleigh Europa and have no complaints with the crankset (well ...)



  • Square taper/octalink BBs spin much more freely that the Shimano hollowtech with external cups. I'd much rather have the octalink system ... the obvious caveat being that it limits your choice of chainset. The old 9 speed DA crankset (7700) with Octalink was a very good system.
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    Good square taper BBs are for life (My old XT BB is now on it's third frame!), not so true of the way smaller bearing octalink BBs.
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  • It might not be for life but Octalink IME lasts a long time certainly runs very smoothly ...