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Surrey Hills / Greensand - forest massacre or maintenance?

KnightOfTheLongTightsKnightOfTheLongTights Posts: 1,415
edited February 2011 in Routes
Should come out from the start as a trail runner (and roadie) here - not an MTBer, but I thought this would be a good place to post this.

Anyone been through the Surrey Hills forests recently - Hurtwood etc? Ran through there on saturday, and it's a right bloody mess, diggers everywhere, lots of felling and timber piled up.

Anyone know if this is just straight lumber work? Or clearance for building sites? Or some sort of 'forestry maintenance'?

If it is the latter, it's a strange way to go about it, cos at the moment, portions of Hurtwood look like Vietnam circa 1966.

It's where I do most of my running in prep. for fellraces, but thinking of re-routing cos some of the paths / rights of way were all-but blocked off / impassable.

And this is before we've flogged them off to commercial interests! :x


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