Islabikies for children. Any experience of them?

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I know this should be in the kids section but figured I'd get more views here.

Does anyone know much about Islabikes? Only found out about them after my cousin bought one for her son. Was really impressed with the weight, the brakes were fantastic. Really was like a quality miniaturised adults bike.

Are they any good though? Things like the cranks and handlebars seem a bit lightweight. Have been comparing it to my 4yr old daughters Specialized Hotrock 16 which really does seem heavy and industrial now. The front brake is useless and she struggles to use the rear coaster brake.

Thing is, we all rode round on steel framed bikes with rubbish brakes when we were young and it hasn't done us any harm. Would be tempted to change the bike but obviously money plays a big part. Any views anyone?


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    Yes - they're superb and well worth the money. Very well-thought out, designed and constructed. I was happy to pay a bit more since the bike would last, would be used most days for going to school etc.
  • My club was lent an Islabike Luath from Dynamo Falkirk (fantastic guys) and the quality is really great. The bike gets shared between a few club members and they all want that one. It seems to be designed and made for kids rather than just a small adults bike.
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    Agree with the above posts, plus great resale value too.
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    Islabikes are great - both my boys (8 and 10) have them. Here's my 8 year old in action on his: ... t=12708297
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    Bompette has the Beinn 24, she loves it. Light, well designed, light, well made, and did I mention that it's light? The first kids' mtb I've ever come across that is actually lighter than an adult one...
    Some are surprised at the design (no suspension, single chainring) but on or off road, uphill or down, it just works. Bomp jr. has been known to nick it in preference to his more conventional Edinburgh bike kids mtb, even though he's too big for it by a long way.

    Another point is that Islabikes may be pricey for kids' bikes, but the resale values are incredibly high.

    Here's Bompette grinding it up a local hill, nobody believes it but this pic is not tilted!
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    Could you get your Bompette to post some climbing tips. Not sure I could do a hill like that one. :shock:
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    Our local kids youth cycling club use the islabikes. My 2nd daughter hires one from them and it is a fabulous bike. Definately would recommend them.
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    I'll chime in too - they are great. My seven year old has one and loves it; such a huge improvement over the usual junk sold as kids' bikes these days. THey are really well thought out and everything is sized for small hands and bodies and being well made and lightweight they are far more fun to ride than the usual children's clunkers - absolutely worth the money if you want to instill a love of cycling in your child.
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    They are properly designed bikes with proper components, just scaled down to fit children. They are made to a high standard. Main showroom is I think in the West Mids nr.Wolverhampton
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    Yes. No need to look at anything else. Just buy one :)
  • Thanks folks. Appreciate the replies, think my minds made up. Bit of overtime required now!
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    Thanks folks. Appreciate the replies, think my minds made up. Bit of overtime required now!

    I'm in the same boat mate, but needing to buy two of the things :shock:
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    They may seem expensive but as mentioned in other posts they hold their value well so you'll prob. get more than 50% back if they are kept in good condition
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    We have 2 of them in our family and they are brilliant little bikes! They come fully adjusted- derailleurs worked perfectly out of the box. They even continental cabled them for no extra charge.
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    Can only add to the positives above, decent bikes and the kids love them.
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    We got Jnr a Luath 26 for Christmas. He loves it, rides really well, used it for CX races where we had to be careful not to put it down as everyone had identical bikes! Will swap the tyres over and use it for road races too, and just riding round the lanes with the OH and I.

    His last road bike was a heavy decathlon thing, bought 2nd hand for £90, sold 2 years later for £60! We're hoping if the Isla is looked after in the same way we'll get a similar return when he grows out of this one in a couple of years time - so the bike won't actually work out very expensive at all.
  • Another happy Islabikes customer here

    Eldest just grown out of his Cnoc16 and we are just about to buy a Beinn 20 and "pass on" the Cnoc to our middle child

    Great bikes - well-thought-out and kiddie-specific geometry, components and accessories; really well built and great customer service - what's not to like :D

    Have yet to test the resale value, but if my second-hard searching for both purchases is anything to go by there is plenty of demand for these as you really don't save too much on the RRP.
  • Islabikes have a really good reputation and apparently their re-sale values are very good.
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    Got the Beinn 24 for my 7-year old and she loves it. We went up to the showroom as she seemed between sizes. The salesperson took time to get the right size and then take my daughter through basics like brakes and gears (even how to get on and off) on their little test track. It's near Ludlow, Shropshire, and definitely worth a visit. The bike's great - doesn't look as flashy as the major brand competition but is much lighter (rigid forks and only one chainring) and she's flying on it. Will get passed down to my son when he's big enough (had to lean on daughter to get the red rather than purple...). Recommended very highly.