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+ive leaking to -ive?

diydiy Posts: 6,680
edited February 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Is it possible that air from the +ive chamber on a set of reba forks, could leak to the -ive?

I have a problem where after about an hour of pounding, my forks suck down. I check the +ive champer and there seems to be very little if any pressure loss (but note that this is with them sucked down). The -ive also seems to be holding fine. I have used tyre leak spray to test for leaks (sort of silicon based washing up liquid) and cannot see any leeks around the air chamber. Also when I put another 20psi in the +ive, they don't return up by much, which leads me to think air is transferring to the -ive?

I'm about to give up on these forx they were not in good nick when I bought them, but I have fixed every other problem and don't really want to buy a new set of 120mm when I am looking for a new frame too.


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