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Hi guys,

Ive got a £1000 cyclescheme voucher. Ive spoken to my employer (Sky) and they seem happy if i want to add money to it to buy a bike. My LBS is also willing to except the voucher as part payment.

Im either going to buy a 2010 Moda Stretto from cycles UK for £1999, or a Boardman Team Carbon from my LBS ( Yes a shop that sells them thats not Halfords!) for £999 and spend around £500 on wheels (maybe Mavic Carbones).

Has anyone had trouble or issues with adding to these vouchers as im hearing different opinions. My cyclescheme assure me that the final payment is only a percentage of the £1000 not the actual bike value.

Should I be safe and get the Boardman or risk it on the Moda?

Thanks for your input.
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