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Front wheel judder...?

mat-stermat-ster Posts: 55
edited June 2011 in MTB workshop & tech
Can you help - on my last ride I was getting a strage judder / knocking feedback through my handlebars, when applying my front formula RX disk brakes. (going down hill over uneven ground in particular)

If I rock the bike forward with the brakes applied on the flat I think I can hear a very dull knocking sound coming from the head tube.........

The bike frame is a Lapierre 214 - headtube semi-integrated Lapierre.

Is this a brake issue, headset or something else.....what is the best way to diagnose.

If you have a suggestion on a good replacement headset (if you think that would be worthwhile) lightweight would be ideal - that would be appreciated

Cheers and thanks,


  • b16 b3nb16 b3n Posts: 301
    Head set! Simple way to check is to apply the front brake and push the bike back and forthand see if theres any movement at the front.

    Or second option , if its a failrly new bike, slacken your two stem bolts off at the steerer and nip up the top cap. if theres any play in the headset it will tak it out. Then tighten your two stem bolts back up.

    Thrird option, failing the headset, if your front disc is on a spline fit, check the centre lock hasnt come loose, if theres a clunk whilst braking it could possibly mean your disc is moving around. and also check your caliper mounts are all tight.

    Happy hunting :lol:
  • mat-stermat-ster Posts: 55
    Ohh forgot to report back - sorted with new Hope Integrated headset.

    Been super smooth for the last Month...

    I have been given a good tip for brake judder too....

    at the start of your ride get a small amount of good old English mud and spread it on the disks then allow to bed in.

    When you clean it use alcohol wipes (iso).

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