Road Bike Fitting Suggestions?

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I have been fecking about with my riding position now for weeks and weeks. Have lowered my saddle as I felt a tad hid, the set it further back which helped me climb better but felt too low, then raised it a little which then felt too high, then moved it forward. I am no beginner but want think it's time to get a propper fitting for me to work from.

Can anyone recommend anyone (Pref Yorkshire based as I am in Leeds) that won't break the bank and is good. It's coming into racing season now and I really need to get ot sorted.

All suggesstions and personal feedback welcomed!



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    bike science - rotherham?

    35 miles from leeds according to google (Never been to either of the places!) I have however been fitted for a tt bike by the bristol branch, Andy is top notch. Great service. Breaking the bank? Depends on the level of fit, and how much a good fit means to you I guess.
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  • A pro will probably do a bike fit at the start of the season and on rollers, and then fine tune his/her position afterwards if comfort is an issue.

    There is a psychological factor with positioning as well. Perfectionist type individuals will always have concerns about their positioning on the bike. I went out for a couple of hours with a hex wrench a while ago to 'fine tune' my saddle height. After about 20 adjustements and two hours later I came back home ... with the saddle set at excactly the same height as I left the house with.

    Having someone take a picture of you on your bike is one idea.