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Roller boredem - how far in 30mins?

sugarbeetsugarbeet Posts: 39
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It's so blooming cold this winter my outdoor cycling has been curtailed by fears of frostbite & black ice. So... The rollers have been getting more use than ever before.

To try and relieve the boredem I've been pushing myself to see how far I can get in 30mins. So far best effort 19km.

So come on fellow rollerers in the spirit of non scientific fun depress & / or inspire me and tell me how far you get. I hereby certify my score is a non Internet adjusted value from a middle aged cyclist.

Tragically I now face eviction from the cozy comfort of the spare room to the cold shed - last session I got chain oil on the carpet. Mrs sugar beet was unimpressed.
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  • balthazarbalthazar Posts: 1,565
    It's been years since I pedalled a bike without achieving forward progression in some way, but aren't such comparisons meaningless? Tyre pressure/ roller diameter/ system resistance all contrive to skew things wildly, no?
  • cyco2cyco2 Posts: 593
    I know this chap that started out on a roller in the spare room and eventually ended up in the shed after only 2 sessions. :)

    If you want to be a strong rider you have to do strong things.
    However if you train like a cart horse you'll race like one.
  • Yup comparisons are almost certainly meaningless if we take it seriously. I'm currently wondering if a dust sheet on the carpet would be a meaningless gesture.
    Cylon cats - have no plan
  • Richa1181Richa1181 Posts: 177
    A dust sheet is always a good idea, I usually chuck an old towel under the rollers because not only does it keep the carpet clean it acts as a decent sweat catcher as well :)

    As for distance I've never measured over 30 minutes, usually just do 5mile bursts at about 40mph when spinning in top gear training for the track. If only it was possible on the road eh!!
  • I've been using the heap of an exercise bike in the back bedroom while i'm waiting for my bike to come tomorrow :) I've been doing 15 minutes and trying to get a good distance. 8.5km is my best so far. Nowhere near your 19km in 30 but a valient effort for me :)
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