Garmin edge calorie count!

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Hi all, took my garmin edge on its first proper run today due to snow and ice etc, done a 40 miler and when i got back and uploaded my data from the gps to the garmin connect I noticed my calorie count after a 2 1/2 hr ride was a whopping 160 calories WTF :lol: ? Is anyone else had any problems with this or is it a known issue or can i sort it? My HRM hasnt lost signal or anything, my user data etc is all ok , all other data is excellent apart from the calorie count, please help,



  • Omar Little
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    if you do the firmware update that should sort it out
  • s25scd
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    Thanks Omar.
  • John.T
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    The firmware update made no difference to my cal readings. Depending on how hilly and fast they seem to average 400 to 500 cal per hour. Have you set your personal data correctly? On both the 500 and Connect. If you set them in Connect you can download them to the 500.
  • Ands
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    If you're avergaing 400-500 hr then it doesn't sound like you had the calorie problem in the first place. When I first got my 800, it was giving me ~100 calories for a 2 hour ride (no, I'm really not that lazy!). After I did the firmware upgrade it started giving me 400-500 per hour.
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    I have the other problem - I can do 3600 calories on a 2 hr ride - firmware is fully updated and weight is correct - I have been accused of towing a plough on rides to get that kind of total
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  • s25scd
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    Thanks all, went out on a run today after updating the software and all was good., Thank god was beginning to think it had a virus or something.