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e would like my handlebars to be higher and more towards me, i know i can fit washers for height but does anyone know of an oversize headset which i can use. i have a spesh rockhopper pro


  • unixnerd
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    Surely what you want is a shorter stem with a large rise angle?
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  • nickel
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    Unixnerd has pretty much answered your question but have you tried moving the seat forward? This will bring you closer to the bars, worth trying, might save you buying a new stem!
  • milt
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    are these allen key stems any good
  • nicklouse
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    milt wrote:
    are these allen key stems any good


    all headsets have allen keys for one thing or another.

    changing your headset will not do what you are asking.

    new high rise bars or a higher rise stem.
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