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snips50snips50 Posts: 58
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Hi all,

I help instruct a group of school kids in Milton Keynes to mountain bike. Been trying to find some decent MTB style awards or trophies, to award to the Best Rider etc etc at the end of the course.

Anyone know of any shops or internet sites that provide them, as the only ones I can find are Roadie style or look a bit naf.

Cheers in advance



  • bike-a-swanbike-a-swan Posts: 1,235
    Get a chainring mounted to a nice posh looking base.
    Rock Lobster 853, Trek 1200 and a very old, tired and loved Apollo Javelin.
  • D-Cyph3rD-Cyph3r Posts: 847
    Or take an old/cheap cassette apart, will provide you with plenty of little trophy pieces. :)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Take a chainring or a sharp pinned pedal, attatch it to a piece of wood, and then whack it down the back of their right shin if they win. That way they'll have their proper MTB "wings".
    It's a coming of age ceremony we must all go through.
  • bike-a-swanbike-a-swan Posts: 1,235
    I'd suggest that or brand them with a hot brake disc...

    My pedal pin marks have gone, the chainring one hasn't!
    Rock Lobster 853, Trek 1200 and a very old, tired and loved Apollo Javelin.
  • for the club awards night i utilised a significant selection of the lbs Scrap parts bin!! made some great trophies out of old forks mounted to a bit of 4x2, and an oldbent seat post etc!
    got a lovely 6 month old xtr rear mech that clooged up in the mud and sheared off over the limit screws to make into a trophy this year!!!

    started off a trophy awarded for any one act of 'brilliance' through the year, returnable for the next etc. created an Old Purple rigid fork, attatched some chain too it, couple of old spokes, some other random bike bits on the premise that the winner Must add something new and bike related every time its awarded!!! (we had similar for a sailing winter series!! was truely hideous!! to the point of throwing races to avoid winning it!!! :D )
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • JediJedi Posts: 827
    ring marshall trophies in steveange. it's owned by steve who used to run local mtb races and give trophies out
  • Thanks Jedi
  • JediJedi Posts: 827
    no problem at all
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