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Brakes seized on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San MarzanoSan Marzano Posts: 132
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Going down a very steep hill this morning i braked using the back brake - it seized on and i did an impressive 20m 'fishtail' skid! To say i censored myself would be an understatement.

Got home and took the caliper off - cleaned it all down - greased and oiled it - put it back on and its still sticking a bit!

I suspect it is the cable where it runs underneath the crossbar - ive tried greasing the cable as well with no success!

Any ideas



  • kilokilo Posts: 174
    Undo the cable from the caliper, does the caliper open and close smoothly if you squeeze it, if so likely to be cable so new cable, new outers
  • There is no reason to lubricate the brakes... it will do more bad than good. A good cleaning routine and a bit of maintenance (e.g. replacing cables and pads every year if the bike is ridden in winter) will get you out of trouble.

    Grease on bearings, oil on the chain, the rest does not need lubrication
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    My first suspicion would be 'sticky cables' i.e. clean, lube and replace if necessary.

    I have had to rebuild calipers infrequently - particularly those exposes to particularly wet winters - but you really need to break-it down to the get to the bearing surfaces / bushes to give them a good clean and relube - squirting stuff on them has little impact.
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  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    If the brake stayed on hard enough to keep the wheel locked then it is not sticky cables. Something has jammed up. Are the brake arms loose or something like that. What ever it is it needs sorting properly and you need to really know why it happened before you can have any confidence in it again. If you can not find it get good help.
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