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I've been wearing an aldi softshell jacket during winter rides but it's getting a bit worn with all the wearing and washing. So I'm looking for a new one (and advice on how to keep it nice).

Budget is around £50 (if possible) and it has to come in a size 18-20 (more on the 20 size) so there would probably need to have a mans version.


  • Have a look at this. I have recently bought some gear from these people and been pleased with it so far. ... acket.aspx
    Take alook on here as you could get yourself a good waterproof jacket for your budget.
    I've brought stuff from here and i've never had any problems.
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    Not sure if it's a full waterproof I want, I don't want to boil in the bag :wink:

    But the cycle clothing one looks good.
  • If you're set on softshell, then something like this might do? Not cycling specific but I find most of their stuff to be fine unless you're quite tall. They have other ones too in various sizes if you look about on that website.
  • GingieGingie Posts: 98
    I just bought this jacket and really like it!

    Haven't boiled in the bag yet with it... but it is waterproof and i've just read you don't want waterproof... but it might be worth a consideration :-)

    and at the moment they're around £60 from Chain reaction...

  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    My main reason against a waterproof was because I didn't want to boil in the bag. I still have this picture of waterproofs being plasticy raincoat type things I was made to wear as a child :wink:

    Think I'll need to try and get myself to a bike shop to have a look in person.
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    Went to Evans today and had a look at the jackets. Tried on the Altura Kinetic (the size 18 of which was massive even on me) so am thinking of going for that or maybe the Altura Night Vision.
  • If you don't want a waterproof just a light jacket how about trying a running jacket can get one from sports direct for under £15.
    Aldi do some ok cycle wear just have to wait for it to get into the shop.
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