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Looking for some beginner rides Shropshire & nearby

WeathertopWeathertop Posts: 10
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Only registered on here today

I’m looking help finding any beginner rides out there. When I’ve had chance I head for the canal tow paths so fairly used to 30 odd miles but not uphill stuff that would be more of a killer at first.

On the other hand if anyone interested in getting together on the canals let me know.

Oh can only do weekends



  • JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
    Living at Ditton Priors you won`t find too much flat stuff nearby :lol: BUT you do have tremedous opportunities on Brown Clee Hill / Burwarton Estate around you and further afield on Long Mynd. I know it is very hilly but why not just try a few of the hills taking them very gently then building from there? Use some of the bridleways at Burwarton Est for example which will get you up onto Brown Clee Hill; walk teh steep bits. If you want to get into MTB sooner or later you`ll be going uphill at times :)
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