Bib shorts - for tall people

willy b
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Bought a pair of dhb bib shorts off wiggle last summer and never really got on with them. They just used to ride up too high.

Wondered if there are any slightly longer bib shorts out there, or anybody have any recommendations? I'm 6ft 3 and about 11 stone lol...[/list]


  • Assos XL should be about right, but my favourite choice at present is Castelli as the free bib design I find more comfortable and less restrictive.
  • briantrumpet
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    I've found that dhb stuff doesn't fit me very well (6ft, 30" waist & 11.5st) - even the small seems to be sized for someone carrying a bit more weight. I've found Gore & Endura (both small) a better fit, though the Endura is towards the limit for height, even with the stretchiness.
  • willy b
    willy b Posts: 4,125
    Thanks guys I'll have a look into that.
  • northpole
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    I found that the Mille bibs from Assos have a longer cut in the leg than their other types. XL should be perfect fit for the OP.

  • Living in The Netherlands, I generally find the tights and shorts from Perrysport to be very good for taller people.

    As the Dutch are the tallest race in the World, it is easy to find longer leg lengths in clothing over here.

    You can order online at:

    and if you using Google Chrome you can have it automatically translate web pages into English.

    Just an option.