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Which VR trainer?

HamishjcbHamishjcb Posts: 16
edited February 2011 in Health, fitness & training
Help, I'm confused. Can anyone explain what the real difference is between the various Tacx VR trainers, eg: from the entry level T1900 up to the T1930/T1940 models? The price difference seems massive, but it's hard to see really why the most expensive ones do cost so much more. Is it just the steering addition, ability to freewheel downhill plus the module allowing you to race against your friends that make the difference in price? Or am I missing something?


  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    The main difference between the i-magic and the Fortius is the motor which provides resistance to the bike wheel.

    The I-magic uses and electromagnetic brake:

    The Fortius uses an electric motor:

    The fortius is better at simulating steeper hills and will also spin the back wheel for you as long as the software detects the pedals are doing something otherwise the training session will stop. The I-Magic will make a hill last longer to compensate for the lack of power.

    From what I can tell the software which powers them is identical and in turn will run the same Real Life Video's.

    Here is a good place to learn a lot about the trainers:

    I have the Fortius with steering unit and have been using it since November. Overall I love it and find the real life videos great. What I also love about it is the ability to import GPS routes and cycle those from either a unit or routes made up by using sites such as:

    I'm not sure if the steering unit is worth the money as it is largely useless unless you use the virtual reality mountain biking or velodrome.

    I have a mountain bike attached to mine too with a continental turbo trainer tyre.

    Hope that helped.
  • Dear Eskimo427,

    Thank you for your really helpful post. We were coming to the conclusion that the steering unit was't really going to add much value to us, so it's useful to get your feedback on that.

    Happy training!

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