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arghh!!! lock failure

bobinskibobinski Posts: 570
edited January 2011 in Commuting general
mechanism on a 5 month old Kryiptonite lock just failed. key spinning and not catching. graphite spray makes no difference. locksmith cannot come out till monday am so my sl pro is gonna be all exposed to the elemenmts and theft of bits. i wont sleep!
i am going to have another go at getting the lock open, giving it a tap with a hammer as suggested. but i am really surprised lock appears to have failed.their best lock. only used twice a day. mind you it is so heavy i leave it attached to the sheffield lock overnight rather than carry. perhaps water, snow and cold have taken their toll.
anyone know a locksmith around se1 south london who will come out at the weekend for a reasonable price?



  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Buy a cheap cordless angle grinder from HomeBase, you'll need a thin diamond edged cutting disc. Alternatively try to borrow an angle grinder with suitable cutting disc from a local garage or workshop or use a cordless drill with an arbour and circular metal cutting disc. You can get these from Machine Mart for about £2. Unless you know a chap with a pair of 5ft bolt cutters :wink: . The cost of buying a grinder and cutting disc will probably be less than calling out a lock smith. Anyway thieves might get to your bike first which might mean that calling out a locksmith would be pointless. Can you bw sure your bike lock hasn't been interfered with and the thieves are waiting to return later when they won't be disturbed to break it and nick your bike?

    IMHO Abus are far better locks. Wouldn't touch Kryptonite locks with a barge pole as one gave up far too readily allowing my first Brompton to be stolen.

    Anyway I hope you can recover your bike without any harm coming to it and before it disappears.
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  • bobinskibobinski Posts: 570
    ta for the advice.

    not sure the lock has not been tampered with but think unlikely. I have had a lock, an Abus actually, superglued by thieves who didnt reckon with a film crew setting up overnight cameras by my bike in order to protect vans they had parked along the road! it frustrated themusing cutters though they tried to remove the sti shifters. planet x had secured them rather well

    bike has to be left overnight. i am hoping the cold will keep most thieves indoors. bikes proximity to a few bars and cafesw and local cctv may help.

    i lost a folding bike-a dahon xp jetstream- after thieves broke into my shed. the slpro is the insurance replacement. perhaps its time for a folder again so i can bring it into the office.
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